Zona Cup Finals Pure Hockey Skills Challenge and True Threds All Stars

On top of crowning a new State Champion in 8 divisions this weekend, we've got the Pure Hockey Skills Challenge and True Threds All Star Game in the mix

Each age division has a one hour slot in the schedule where these two fantastic events will be held. We will start with the True Threds All Star Game, and end with the Pure Hockey Skills Challenge. 

Please remember Skills/All Stars can start up to 45 minutes early, just like games so please plan your days accordingly.


In each age/division 12 skaters and 2 goalies were selected by a committee of coaches, along with tournament and game officials to represent their team in 2024 True Threds All Star game. 

Each team (Orange and Blue) will have 6 skaters and 1 goalie. The game format will be 3 on 3 with a two 5 minute period showcase game.

Because we are short on rink time this year, we'll be doing the photos for each player prior to their All Star game slot. 

Each age group will have a 60 minute window to come get their awesome custom designed True Threds 2024 All Star jersey and take their photo. 

Jerseys can be picked up by each player at the check in table during your time slot, and photos will be taken in front of the IHAAZ Zona Cup display wall. Players will be doing their All Star photo without gear this year, they will just need gloves and stick.

See schedule below for each age groups slot to pick up their jersey and take their photo:

8U - Saturday 6/15/24 from 9AM to 10AM

10U - Friday 6/14/24 from 11AM to 12PM

12U Silver - Sunday 6/16/24 12PM to 1PM

12U Gold - Monday 6/17/24 12PM to 1PM

14U - Sunday 6/16 10:30AM to 11:30 AM

16U - Friday 6/14/24 from 10AM to 11AM

18U Silver - Saturday 6/15/24 from 5PM to 6PM

18U Gold - Monday 6/17/24 from 10:30AM to 11:30 AM

The Skills challenge is BAck!

IHAAZ is proud to welcome our newest sponsor Pure Hockey, who graciously stepped forward to sponsor this years Skills Challenge. Each events winner will receive a Gift Card to Pure Hockey!

As much as we would like to allow EVERY player to participate in the Skills Challenge we are limited by time. Each team can assign up to 3 fastest skaters entries and 3 shooter entries, as long as their goalie is participating in the skills challenge. For teams without a goalie participating, they are allowed 2 fastest skaters and 2 shooters. 

Each COACH (not individual players or parents) will sign up their teams skaters on the clipboards at the sign in table. Coaches please make sure this is done 2 game slots prior to each age groups event.