UPDATED Queen Creek Schedule

A couple changes were made to the schedule on 4/30/21.

Please click HERE to download the updated schedule.

Changes to this schedule do affect each division differently 

8U - You have no changes. Your start and end times are the same.

10U - Your games now start the day and run all the way through the final a 1:30PM 

12U - The two teams playing Saturday night games will start and end one game slot earlier. Sundays schedule has slight alterations as an error from the first schedule was corrected. Please see full schedule to verify if any of your game times have changed.

14U - A fifth team was added to the division. This moved the division into our 5 team format which gives each team an extra game, and shortens the periods from (2) 12 minute periods to (2) 10 minute periods. The addition of a 5th team also allowed us to run the division all together as one group so your games now start midday or later, and end a game slot earlier. 

The IHAAZ game schedule on this site should be updated to reflect these times shortly as well.