Tucson Schedule

by NIck Boyarsky

OUr 3rd tournament of the 2021 season is here!

Click HERE for the PDF version of the Tucson Schedule. Click HERE to view the website schedule page. 

A few last minute reminders:

  • This is the roster lock tournament. Any player you wish to have on your roster as state finals must play in 3 tournaments. If a player hasn't played yet, they must participate in this event as well as the next two.
  • Games can start 20 minutes early so please be in the building and ready to play.
  • ALL players must have a matching jersey with a distinctly different # than the other players on their roster. This will be strictly enforced starting at this tournament. This includes goalies. 
  • 8u Division games will all play through to the end of the of 2nd period regardless of score, however in the event of an 8 goal lead having been reached the official score will be recorded at that time and the rest of the game will not count towards stats or standings.