Tucson Festival Still On w/ Extra Precautions!

Earlier this afternoon, the IHAAZ board held an emergency meeting to review whether to move forward with our Tucson festival. 

After reviewing up to the minute guidelines and advice from federal, state, and local health authorities we see no reason and are not being told it is necessary to call off the event. We will however be taking extra precautions to ensure a safe environment for our participants and their families. 

The host facility (Tucson Indoor Sports) will be working closely with IHAAZ to keep the building common areas, restrooms, and locker rooms clean, stocked and supplied. 

Additionally IHAAZ will be taking the following precautions to help.

  • Locker rooms will be thoroughly sanitized every 4th game with a solution that kills all germs and bacteria for up to 3 hours. This will be done every 2 hours to ensure there is no gap in cleanliness. During this time period, no players or gear will be allowed in the room being cleaned. Please be patient as that process happens.
  • Benches and penalty boxes will be wiped down and disinfected between games as well. 
  • Post game handshakes will be done with gloves on for players. Coaches may acknowledged one and other without handshakes (elbow bumps or the like are fine). If a team wishes to not participate in handshakes due to virus spread worries, that is fine too, we just ask that the tournament director is notified ahead of the game so the other team knows it wasn't out of disrespect or lack of sportsmanship. 
  • Because the facility is limited in space in some areas, we are going to limit spectator areas to not be right in front of locker rooms 1 and 2 (the side of the building closest to the bar/food area). There are plenty of other areas to spectate from. This will allow people to move more freely through the building without having to be in such close proximity to one and other.
  • We are also asking that families only bring essential non-participants (fans/spectators) with them. There will be plenty of other tournaments in the future. We're making this one about the players, giving them a chance to play their games and have their season stay intact for now.
  • Based on guidelines from government health advisories, we have asked our 14U friends from Mexico (Jumanos NDE) to postpone their trip to the US to play our IHAAZ teams until further notice. An updated Saturday schedule will be posted by end of the day 3/12/20, that will remove those exhibition games.
  • Lastly we do recommend taking some additional precautions:
    • Make sure your player has their own water bottle with their name on it. Do not share water bottles with other players. 
    • If you or anyone in your family is sick, showing symptoms, or has been exposed or might have been exposed, do not attend. If you are worried about participation being awarded please do not come for that reason, contact your coach or manager and they can ensure you are not penalized for not attending.
    • Limit your time in the building. If possible, when you have long breaks, find a less crowded area to kill time in. 

The IHAAZ board will be constantly monitoring Federal, State, and local health advisories advice and recommendations, and will continue to take all necessary steps to provide the safest possible venue for the event.