UPDATED Prescott Schedule (14u division affected)


A change to the original Prescott event schedule has been made. This change only affects the 14u division on Saturday, April 10th.  

The 10u games on the 10th were not changed and no games on Friday or Sunday were changed.

Click HERE for the PDF version of the NEW Prescott schedule that reflects these changes. 

Click HERE to view the website game schedule page which also shows the new game times for each team.

A few last minute reminders:

  • Games are now back to being able to start 30 minutes early so please be there, dressed, and ready to play based on this if you leave between games. 
  • ALL players must have a matching jersey with a distinctly different # than the other players on their roster. This will be strictly enforced starting at this tournament. This includes goalies. 
  • Our 12u division has all 6 teams participating this tournament so we will be splitting into two finals, A and AA at the end of round robin play. The first two seeds out of the 6 teams will play for an AA final. The 3rd and 4th place teams after round robin will play for the A final. 
  • 8u division games will all play through to the end of the of 2nd period regardless of score, however in the event of an 8 goal lead having been reached the official score will be recorded at that time and the rest of the game will not count towards stats or standings.