IHAAZ April festivals and beyond...

To all IHAAZ players and Families,

On April 1st the IHAAZ board held a phone meeting to discuss the needed cancelation of the Prescott festival weekends, as well as the future of what the season would look like, and the fate of the State Finals Tournament in mid May. 

The board was unanimous in their decision to officially cancel the Prescott weekends. 

As to what the remainder of the season will look like, the board has scheduled a follow up meeting for April 30th to discuss May events, and potentially what other roller hockey can be provided going forward for those still wanting to play as situations normalize and team sports begin being played again. Look for further information at that time.

On behalf of the IHAAZ board, and myself I would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as we all endure this together. We have no doubt, that when things are back to a place where roller hockey is being played, that we will see all of our players and families back with more excitement and energy than ever! In the meantime,  know that IHAAZ is a community within itself. We have always been there for each other at times we're needed and this current pandemic is no different. Please visit the IHAAZ Facebook page to communicate and interact with each other. If there's something you need and can't find in your area, IHAAZ families have a huge reach across the state, and I'd bet another IHAAZ family would rise to the occasion to help if they could. Feel free to use the IHAAZ page to ask for that help, we're all in this together.

On my end, I will do my best to share and highlight some IHAAZ players, coaches, officials, and others involved with the series, on our Facebook page in the coming weeks, as a way to remind our families of the fun they'll be having when they can get back to the rinks again!

- Nick Boyarsky, IHAAZ Tournament Director