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NEW TEAMS for Yuma Event (February 10-12)

  • Tournament: Yuma
  • Opens: January 24, 2023 at 3:00pm MST
  • Closes: February 2, 2023 at 9:00pm MST

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Teams will now be submitting both their payment and their rosters at the time of registration. Registration for each event will open 24 hours after the completion of the previous event. The deadline to submit entry to each event will always be 14 days prior to the first day of play for that date. Schedules will be released 5-7 days prior to the tournament.

Please be sure to have the following done PRIOR to registering your team. If you don't have ALL of the following complete and ready, please do not begin the registration process. Incomplete registrations will be not be accepted. 

1. Complete roster with Player name, DOB, position and jersey number with up to 3 coaches listed. You may add or subtract players after your roster is submitted if needed.

2. Confirmed that each player and coach has submitted a waiver. 

3. Verify each player and coach has valid 2023 RHA membership. Click Here for RHA members list.

Not sure if you are ready? For a more detailed explanation of what will be needed to register, click HERE.

If you believe you have all the necessary info to register your team, continue below:

When you click the link below it will begin with you logging into or creating your log in for the Hockey Shift system. Once completed log in. The first thing it will ask you to do is create a "Player Profile". Whomever is registering the team, use your name for this. You will also need to put your name in the appropriate field for manager and/or coach if that is also your role. Later as you enter your player roster, you will see the name from the Player Profile show up on your roster. Ignore this, your name will be removed. 

 Click HERE to begin your registration.

The deadline for submission of team registration for the Tucson Event is Friday, January 6th.


$625.00 USD due at registration


Register online via HockeyShift

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